Communities like Sanctuary of Legends

If you by any chance come to dislike Sanctuary of Legends, or wish to join other communities like us, then we totally respect that. We made Sanctuary of Legends to help gamers, and if you are leaving, we wish to help you one last time. Here are a few other communities we recommend for you to join.

GFD - Gamers Fighting Depression is dedicated to gamers out there who are suffering depression, anxiety and all other mental illness. If you feel lonely in a huge MMO universe, we are here to show you that you're not by yourself 🙂 We fight to make it out of our dark times. Please read the sidebar carefully before posting.

The purpose of Patch Network is to bring communities together that are a positive place for people. successful, display a level of maturity, are all around fun, and have a love for gaming of course. The Patch Network will only consist of servers that fit this description. Any communities that encourage porn, sexual exploits, racism, hating or not being accepting of (but not limited to) people's culture and mental inabilities, or do not share Patch's mission (#patch_mission) will not be seen in this Network

Looking for gamers is the largest non-specific gaming discord channel. They are not specifically focusing on mental health, so they have Patch Gaming assisting them on that manner, but we decided to include them here in case you wanted to join a pure gaming community.

NightHaven is another gaming community where the main goal is to help and support anyone who suffers with mental health issues such as depression.

AspieFriends is for people with ADHD, HFA (aspergers/aspies), and Austim. If you're not any of these, you're still good and ok to stick around. We love respectful NTs, anyone of LGBTQ and Allies as well! Hope you stay around!