How to keep your Laptop/Desktop running fast.

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    I worked in two PC Repair places and this is what we did to do a Computer "Tune Up".

    3rd party Applications:
    Make sure your running a good anti virus solution I highly recommend Bitdefender or Avira

    Using CCleaner we would normally clean up the number of applications that run on startup.
    (I personally turn off everything accept my anti virus and gpu client on my own PC)

    Then run CCleaners Cleaner and run Defraggler.


    We would go through "add or remove programs" and remove a lot of 3rd party applications that come with the laptop/desktop as well as trying to remove what junk we can. If you have a laptop I am talking about all the stuff like "HP speed up utility" there are a lot of these applications that come with the laptop that run on startup and you never use them.

    Run a Malwarebytes scan as well as whatever anti-virus is on the machine.


    We would run a Disk Check
    Press Start and type cmd RIGHT CLICK on command prompt and select Run as Administrator then when it opens up type

    chkdsk /r /f

    Then reboot and let it run (this can take a few hours do this last)


    Get a can of compressed air you want PC specific ones as they are free of moisture

    **make sure your device is powered down**

    With a laptop flip it upside down and spray air into the intake fan to try and get as much dust out as possible. Best achieved if your able to take the laptop apart and there are plenty of guides online on how to take apart your specific laptop model. It will still be good even if you don't take apart the laptop just better if you do.

    Take off the side panel and spray at all the fans as well as the Heat sink for the CPU and the one for the GPU if you have a gpu that is.

    Once done please wait a minute or two after spraying to make sure no condensation has built up on any electric circuits about 5 minutes should do.


    If we found that doing this would do nothing to help speed up the PC we would normally recommend to the owner that they let us do a "Factory Restore" this would remove all files applications and bring the PC back to the way it was when you 1st got it. *You will need to be able to back up your data or it will be gone.*

    Windows 10
    Windows 8
    Windows 7 (scroll down)

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