How can you help?

Send in an application

If you would like to help the community on a one to one basis, then please send in an application here!

This is the primary helping service we have here on Sanctuary of Legends, and you dont need a lot of experience to help talking or playing with someone. As long as you say to the person you are talking to that you do not have a lot of experience, then it is all right!

If you want to become a staff member, then joining our Discord server and following in all the announcement for staff members should be the first thing you do. Writing a good application is one thing, but we are more likley to give out roles to those who remain active and helpful towards our members!

YouTube and Streaming

We are currently looking for people with YouTube/Streaming experience who are interested in working with us to provide the best content we can for the community. If you are interested please do not hesitate to let any of the staff members know as we are looking to give a platform for your talents as well as an outlet to provide both help and enjoyment for those around you.

You will have to join our Discord server and chat to a staff member in order to join

Be positive in games

One of the major things that SoL is working for, is to create a better community in games. If you just remain positive and friendly in every game you play, then you are already helping both SoL and also any players who are struggling with mental health issues. You can also help us even more by changing your name and add SoL in front, as this helps us get more people on, both those who are struggling and those who want to help.

Help write guides

Here at Sanctuary Of Legends we want to make more players better by making guides and helping people learn a new game. If you have experience within writing guides or want to try it, send us a message on Discord!

We are also looking to create more guides to help in real life. Examples of this can be: How to remain calm, how to get over the loss of a family member, how to deal with depression, how to help someone who is depressed etc.

If you want to try, send a us a message!

Be active

Another way to help others is to stay active and just raise awearness of mental health issues. One of the biggest reason why people never tell anyone about their own depression, is because it is such a hard topic to talk about. But the more people who are awear of it, and the more people that talk about it, the more people can get help.

Join the Steam group and talk there, jump on our Minecraft server and play with people, join a chatroom. There is a lot you can help with as long as you want to!

Talk to people

There are a lot of things you can do to help, but the last out of the 6 biggest ways you can help us, is to just talk to people. Start with for example: “How’s it going?”. If they say “fine” or “okay” or even “bad” then try to keep the convirsation going. It often helps people if they are just allowed to talk about their problems, even if it is something small.

Share our page

It also helps to share our page, or send it to anyone you know that may or may not have problems, it doesnt hurt.

We also have a facebookpage where you can share our site with either a big group you are in, or just the people on your friendlist.

Every share can help us reach out to one more who is feeling down or is having problems.

If you have any direct questions, go up to the connect tab up top and join in on any chatroom and ask for a staff member!