We are in the Live/Play series!


We are in the final episode of Live/Play, which is a series created by Riot Games based on stories about the people who play League of Legends!

Our part is at 09:45, but I recommend watching the entire video. Also, take a look at the other videos in the series, as they present to you a wide perspective of the players of the game.

Reaching out to the world.

We are now beginning to start working with health services and host activities around the world, and we need your help!

If there is a health service that you have used in your area that has helped you, then please send us their information in the form on the bottom of the page (Click the button below), and we will try to get in touch with them and set up a “partnership” that will help you and other who struggle with the same as you!

If there is any activity in your area that you often go to, then please let us know about that activity! Maybe some people from your area are also from this site, and maybe you can find some new friends?


Helping system upgraded!

Our helper system and play system has been updated! We are still waiting for infomation and messages from members so we can make both systems work best, check your inbox on our forums!





If you want to read some articles, or if you want to publish some, check out this page!


We are upgrading our helping system again!

We are currently doing some work to make our helping system much faster and better, including a way to find someone to play with instantly. Stay tuned for more information!

We are also getting a few articles sent to us, so check the button below!


The pages we are updating are:



Pages we are creating:



We are in the Norwegian Newspaper!

This weekend, a newspaper in norway called “Bergens Avisen- BA” or “The newspaper of Bergen” interviewd the founder “Aquaday” for our site and a few upcoming events!

The article is in norwegian, but if you want to read it, go over to google translate!

Our new website is up and running!

The new Website is up and running thanks to John, aka DresdenJohn. He has done the  coding from scratch and has all around done an amazing job, all by himself!

The founders salute you John!

Our minecraft server is up and running!

Check out our minecraft server at mc.sanctuaryoflegends.org!

We will try our best to have players on there at all times so you can have someone to hang with and chill and just talk with. If there is any problems, please let us know, no matter how small or big.

It is Semi-Vanilla, it only has plugins like MCMMO, Grief protection and Chest shop.

The server is being hosted by braceyourself07, check out his twitter and leave him a follow!

Check out GFD!

Gamers Fighting Depression, or GFD for short, is also a community that bases around gaming and depression.

It is nothing huge for the moment, but we hope that we can get more out of it later on! They also have a Minecraft server, so check them out aswell at mc.gfdcommunity.org

Check them out on the button below.