Sanctuary of Legends rules

This page will cover all the rules we have here on Sanctuary of Legends, including discord server, steam group, minecraft server, and forums!

General Rules

  • No sharing private information like IP addresses, names, emails, adress and alike
  • English is the language used for all text channels, unless stated differet. This is to make it possible for moderators and admins to help when there is a need for it
  • Swearing is allowed as a form of expression, and is not allowed to be used against someone. If the admins or mods see any use of excessive swearing we’ll give you a private warning.
  • No NSFW content, pornography or 18+ images (such as gore).
  • No bullying, racism, sexism or anything that discriminates any group of people.
  • No content that might trigger someone. If you are just a little bit hesitant if it is triggering or not, then send a mod+ a message.
  • If you are afraid of anyone’s life, including your own, contact an admin as soon as you can. They will know how to help.
  • You are not allowed to diagnose someone, but you are allowed to provide aid, or suggest that the person see a professional. If you feel like you are unable to help someone, contact a Mod+ or Admin and they will assist you.
  • Any breaches of the rules must be reported to Mod+ the instant the incident is happening. If you are not sure if the incident is a break in the rules, report it anyways. Any reports of any breaks in the rules are to be kept anonymous, so the rule breaker will not know who reported it.
  • Anyone claiming to be a professional will be banned from SoL. Do not trust anyone who says that they are professionals.
  • No asking for money

Discord Rules

  • Do not jump into voice channels without getting permission from one of the people already in the voice chat.
  • Please keep serious-chat to serious topics only; use General discussion if you want to talk about something interesting or funny

Highest rank, have access to all the commands and can help you with everything you need help to. You can message them at any time if you have a question, or just want to talk. Only possible to get through Aquaday


2nd highest rank, same power as an Admin on the Discord server. A Mod+ takes on the technical side of Discord. Should not be contacted for talking about mental health problem unless they have the “Talk to me” role as well. Only possible to get through Aquaday.


3rd highest rank. A moderator is mostly here to control the server, either hosting events or to keep chats troll free. They have the ability to kick, mute and ban, so send them a message if there is anyone doing something that they should not be doing. If no mods are online, send someone from the higher ranks a message. You can get this rank if you prove yourself to an admin by being active and supportive.

Guardian is a rank given out to people who proves themselves as someone trustworthy, someone who loves to talk, and loves to help people. If you ever feel down, feel free to message them! You can get this rank if you prove yourself as a friendly and helpful member. This rank isn’t achievable by asking, an admin will hand it out to whoever they see is helping people consistently. You do not get this rank by asking, an admin gives out this role to the members that the admin knows can help people.

DM-helper: This role is given to people who want to help others, and are open to talking to people one on one.These are the people that you can freely message if you don’t feel like discussing whatever’s on your mind in the serious-chat. This is perfect if you want to find someone who can relate to your situation, you can read all the helper stories in the dm-helper channel. You can get this role by asking for permission from Aquaday to submit your story in the dm-helpers channel.

Web Developer:
The Web Developer role is purely for the members of SOL that are dedicated to editing the website. They have the same permissions as Guardians. If you feel you are able to contribute towards the website, talk to an admin and they will decide if you can fulfill the role.

The Coach rank is given to someone who have proven themself as a good coach. Someone with this role is someone who can teach you how to play, and answer most of the gaming questions that you might have. A person can only get this rank if they have proven themself as a good coach, and the person is someone who have been a beginner coach (CoachB) for a while. An admin gives out this role. Check the coaches roles before asking for questions to see if the game in question is there.


The CoachB, or the Beginner Coach, is someone that is best at helping people get started on a game. This coach can give advice on most questions you might have as a beginner, and to help you understand the game you have started on. A person can get this role if they apply for it by asking an admin. Check the coaches roles before asking for questions to see if the game in question is there.

The default server group. Every new member has to self assign this role themselves to access text channels.

Subroles, Games:
If a person has one of these roles, that means that the person normally plays this game. This is mostly used by admins and mods to notify members who play the game when there is an event going on. If you see someone with this role, please do not ask them if they want to play. Send a message in the text chat connected with the game and ask there instead. You can assign yourself with these roles, the information on how to do that is available in one of the pins in the bot-commands text channel.
The current roles: LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, Titanfall, Call of Duty, Warframe, and Osu.

Rules: This is the first channel you will see when you join the server.Read through the rules to access the rest of the server.

New-members: This is the second channel you will see when you join, feel free to talk there or say hello to new members!

Announcements: This is where the admins put important announcements so everyone can read them. (only admins can send messages in this channel.)

General: This is the chat for pretty much everything you wanna talk about. From what you ate for breakfast to how your vacation went. It’s all up to you!

Serious Chat: This is the chat mainly revolved around talking about serious topics. As an example you can go here when you feel sad and you need someone’s help.

What helps you: This is where you can share thing that have helped you deal with certain issues in life, check it out you might find something that could help you as well!

Have-A-Laugh: This is a chat room where you can share funny videos and clips to brighten up the day of your fellow humans!

Share-your-story: This is a channel for if you want to share your story about your life and your experiences that you think might help people who have been through similar things more open to talk to you.

Music: This channel is mainly used for sharing music you like with your fellow SoL members.

Want-to-Play: This channel is dedicated to people to party up and play games with friends!

Debate: This is a channel where you can debate with other members about various topics. To access this room ask an admin or a moderator to give you the debate role.

Helping-hand: This channel is for people who need help with any studies at any level, school, university or if you just want to learn something and you’re looking for someone who can help. Feel free ask any questions related to homework as someone will most definetly try and help you!

Art-creations-selfies: The art room channel is for anything creative that is share-worthy. Feel free to share anything art related that you come across!

Text-to-voice-chat: This is where you can talk and share content when you are in a voice channel and would like to show someone something, or if you don’t feel like talking but still like to participate in the conversation.

Bot-commands: Our  bots have all kinds of fun commands, feel free to try them out here. This is where you can self-assign yourself a game role of your choice or a language role to access the multilingual channels.

*Game name* General: A chat room that is made for general talking about the game in the title of the room, where you can share tips and tricks for advances players.

*Game name* CoachingA chat room that is made for beginners of the game that is in the title of the room where people can ask for help to get started, and you can post tips and tricks for new players.

Remember, do not jump into a chat room without sending a message first, as it might interrupt them.


General: The main voice chat for everyone.


Come Play!: If there is anyone in this room, then go say hello! This group is primarily used for finding players to play with. You can either jump in yourself and wait for someone to play with you, or you can join in if the players play the same games as you! Feel free to join in anyways, this is an open chatroom!


Stream!: This is a voice channel for streamers in case they want to interact with the people from SoL while streaming.


Serious chat: Only people with “Guardian” role and above can use this chat room to avoid anyone else joining in a serious moment.


Music: The Music channel by default will have everybody muted, so that we can all chill and listen to some tunes together. If you would like to add music, you can do so in the Music text chat.


Dane & Martin’s Channel: People lower than admin are not able to enter this voice channel. Used by Dane (fireday) and Martin (Aquaday) to talk to members privately.


Le AFK: The AFK channel to which you get redirected if you are AFK for a while in voice chat.


Others: Other voice chat rooms, such as game chat rooms, are for players who wish to have their own channel while they play. You can message an admin or mod if you want to have a private chat room.