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Sanctuary of Legends official twitch page. With a combination of many streamers including Aquaday/Martin and other SoL members. Promoting good attitudes and helping others. Come join in!

TabTargets is a duo Twitch channel, made up of two long-time friends
(Ricki and Matt) who happened to meet in college 12 years ago. Our
main objective is to deliver entertaining content to our community by
playing cooperative and versus games with one another or through
in-depth playthroughs of single player games. When one of us is
playing a single player game, the other is monitoring the chat.

Annie_Games, aka Annie, is a League of Legends focused streamer who mostly loves to play Aram with friends and viewers! She has a safe and cosy twitch community were anyone are welcome to join and play! Leave her a follow and join in on the next stream! she streams most days after 8pm EST, so join in for an Aram game!

Dkas_rpg, Aka Dimitri, is a content-creator/entertainer and streams League of Legends, primarily focusing on top lane.
He is 21 years old and lives in Germany, Nürnberg, and his goal is to get into an IT internship.
He is really easy to talk to, and loves to sit down and listen to what people have to say.
Dimitri once had a 24h stream were he raised 746$ for the American foundation for Suicide Prevention!

Hello! Welcome to the cosiest STREAM in Norway ! We are keen to enjoy ourselves most all the time! You are welcome to become part of our cozy computer game community!(Norwegian Stream)


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