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Welcome to the Sanctuary Of Legends World page.
Go to each of the continents, and see if your country is there. On there will be a way to contact the members from the same country as you, and there will also be a list of health services and activities in your area.
If your country is not listed here, or is missing information, then you can check out the contact forms on the bottom of the pages.

Translations are always cool to have, so if you want to help translate a page to the country language, then ask so in the form below!

If there is a health service that you have used in your area that has helped you, then please send us their information in the form on the bottom of the page (Click the button below), and we will try to get in touch with them and set up a “partnership” that will help you and other who struggle with the same as you!

If there is any activity in your area that you often go to, then please let us know about that activity! Maybe some people from your area are also from this site, and maybe you can find some new friends?

Fill this in if you have any information about nearby health services or activities that people might find interesting!

We might send a few emails with questions as well, so keep a look out for emails from!

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